Mystic Lincoln Logs, Maximum Flexibility!

June 21, 2018
Collect the Data You Need. MYSTIC Lincoln Logs is even more flexible with the latest release. Individuals can use the mobile app to collect UXO, MEC, EOD, Dive data or just Total Hours. And, if you work for a Company using Lincoln Logs, you can use whatever Data Entry template they design for their job. Companies can use the Template Editor to specify what data is collected in the field. And then Lincoln Logs makes that template automatically available to their people via the mobile app. No reprogramming is necessary. This MYSTIC Lincoln Logs takes the specification and modifies the application for your team. As you can see here, the Hood Cleanup project requires their own data entry form. PNW, Co. created their own data collection forms that tallies the number of Items and the weight of collected refuse. PNW, Co. just created that template on the web and saved it. That’s it. The people on that project automatically get that data collection form when using the MYSTIC Lincoln Logs mobile app.